Group lessons run daily from October to June @ 9am or 11am. Private or individual lessons can be booked at any time.

Group Lesson $55pp
Private Group Lesson $80pp
Individual Lesson $145pp
3 x Group Lesson $145pp
3 x Private Group Lesson $200pp
3 x Individual Lesson $395pp


We meet at the Rivermouth car park (see map below) 15 minutes before the lesson starts to size you up for a suitable board and wetsuit. The lesson then begins with a briefing on the beach explaining some safety rules and practicing some surfing techniques. Lessons take approximately 2 hours.

We cater for all ages and stages – all you need is a desire to get wet and have fun. Bring along your bathers, towel and sunscreen and we supply everything else you need.

Call now on 0418 958 264 or use the online booking form to ask any questions or book in your next lesson. You won’t regret it!