Canoes, Kayaks, Body Boards, Stand Up Paddle Boards – we have something for everyone! Enjoy this pristine section of the Margaret River from the Rivermouth upstream. There are no motor boats here and no vehicle access to this section of the river, so you can paddle along in absolute peace for up to 3km. The mouth of the river opens for a short period each year and freshens the river up, but for most of the year it is more like a beautiful long lake with no strong river currents.

  $ / hr $ / 2 hrs
Kayaks $20  
Canoes  $20  
Bodyboards $15 $25
Stand Up Paddle Boards $25 $35
All prices are per person and include GST.
Paddles, life jackets & wetsuits are supplied free of charge.
Call now on 0429 685 837 or use the online booking form to reserve your hire.

Canoes: Canadian style canoes are used where the users sit on seats inside the craft. These are popular with families and other tourists as you can stay dry in them. All 4 canoes are licensed to sit a maximum of 3 people. A single blade canoe paddle is provided for each user.

Kayaks: These are a sit-on-top self-draining craft. They are ideal for windy conditions and beginners as they are easy to paddle and particularly stable. The JPSA fleet contains 6 single and 10 double seat kayaks. A double blade kayak paddle is provided for each user.

Stand Up Paddleboards: Two 11’6” fibreglass SUPs are available for hire. They are designed for use on flat water rather than ocean going. Two 11’ inflatable SUPs are also available for beginners to take advantage of their extra stability and ease of use.

Body boards: these are sturdy foam boards that are fun to use in the whitewash.

Safety Equipment: PDF Type 2 Life jackets of all sizes are provided free of charge.